MiEl Sauce

To inaugurate the beekeeping cooperative in El Sauce, we make the following commitments to one another.
Sweet Beez and Alterna commit the necessary finances to start the cooperative with families / members. These funds cover one (1) hive, one (1) colony, one (1) veil, and one (1) smoker per family / member. This equipment is the property of Alterna and Sweet Beez this year; and it is provided to cooperative members if the member / family remains actively involved in the project. If a family is not active, the coordinator and / or representatives of Sweet Beez and Alterna may request the return of the hive, colony, veil, and smoker.
Don Jacinto Gabriel Mendoza will serve as the main coordinator of the cooperative. In his role he is committed to preparing and delivering the hives and colonies to each member / family, obtaining veils and smokers as soon as possible, training cooperative members monthly, and communicating with representatives of Alterna and Sweet Beez.
Each family member of the cooperative commits to: 1) actively participate in all training. 2) Communicate with Don Jacinto any need or question related to beekeeping and the cooperative. 3) Tithe a portion of the honey (when in production) to Sweet Beez, Alterna, and / or families living in extreme poverty. 4) Donate any divided/split colonies to families in extreme poverty and help them with their first hive and colony without pay.
​Through pollination and honey production we are confident that the entire community of El Sauce will benefit economically and environmentally.
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